kosher wineDo you want to learn about kosher wine? Then you have come to the right place. Here at the Kosher Wine Shop, you can learn what it is, how to sell it, how to make it, plus some of the rules and laws involved in the making, bottling, handling and serving of kosher wine.

So, what is kosher wine? In brief, it is wine that has been manufactured, from grape to bottle, according to strict kosher wine laws that adhere to the Orthodox rules and traditions of preparing food and drink. The Jewish faith, specifically the Orthodox following, has many religious dietary laws, which are collectively known as kosher. Kosher wine is wine that is produced according to those laws.

In order for kosher wine to be produced and sold to Orthodox Jews, it must have the hechsher; a seal of approval that lets everyone know the wine was produced according to Judaism’s religious law. The kashrut laws, which deal mostly with avoiding foods not involved in wine-making, also mention wine specifically because of its role in non-Jewish religions.

Kosher wine law states that wine is no longer kosher if it was used or was intended to be used for idolatry. Some examples include wine that has been poured to an idol, wine that has been touched by someone that believes in idolatry, or wine that has been produced by non-Jews.

Kosher wine laws also apply to who makes the wine and what they use in the kosher wine-making process. A Jewish person must be involved in each step of the wine-making process, from harvesting the grape through fermentation and bottling, and these steps should be overseen by a rabbi. Each ingredient that goes into the wine, including the fermentation process, must also be kosher. This rule also excludes several common items usually used in the fining of wine, such as gelatin, isinglass and casein.

Unless the wine is mevushal (a boiling process we will visit later) then the kosher laws must also be observed in the selling of the wine as well. At no time may an idolater handle a kosher wine.

But what about kosher wine’s role in the Jewish religion? No how-to guide on kosher wine would be complete without visiting the important aspect of the role wine plays in Jewish holidays and rituals. Almost all Jewish holidays — from Passover Seder and Shabat to Jewish marriages, circumcisions, and first-born ceremonies — involve cups filled with kosher wine.